Welcome to PreAuth Academy!

What PreAuth Academy is

PreAuth Academy offers trainings on online payments - with the goal of getting a fundamental understanding of what is relevant to know. The trainings cover the players involved, payments processes, relevant payment methods and more.


PreAuth Academy runs live trainings – either on premise, at a conference room or online. We will determine the focus of each training session beforehand by taking into consideration your existing knowledge and company setting.

The training sessions will have a duration between 2 and 5 hours depending on the topics/focus agreed.

The training language is either English or German.

Training topics

The role of banks, Schemes (Visa, Mastecard…), Issuers, Acquirers, PSPs, Merchants, Marketplaces, etc.

What does “alternative” actually mean? About Payment methods, their uses and their relevance.

How card payments work from end-to-end. Entities involved, costs (who earns what and why), happy path and what can go wrong. Authentication vs Authorisation (starring 3DS), tokenisation and basic fraud management.

PSD2, contractual relationships between players, Regulation around Marketplaces.

A little history, the regulatory background (PSD2), the authentication process, exemptions/applicability and dealing with unsuccessful authentications.

How to protect against losses from fraud, effective dispute processes, costs involved and balancing conversion vs. fraud prevention.

Understanding your payments processes better by understanding your payments data. Which metrics exist and why they are relevant?

„Moritz is Mr. Payments. With a vast and deep understanding, Moritz has what it needs to untangle the complex world of payments.“

Miriam Wohlfarth
CEO Banxware
and Founder Ratepay

„We learned a bit or two when Moritz worked with us. Decision making was easier, as he looked at all aspects of payments processing.“

Geert Matthys
Director Marketplace Payment Solutions at Deutsche Bank

„If you need to understand the payments domain fast, I whole-heartedly recommend getting training sessions for your team by Moritz. He understands the engineering perspective and he makes it fun.“

Duana Stanley
ML Engineer at Cash App